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Fig. 5

From: NET: a new framework for the vectorization and examination of network data

Fig. 5

Effects of the pruning and redundancy parameters on the vectorized graph. The colors yellow, red and purple indicate junction, tip and redundant nodes respectively. In the plots, edge widths have been downscaled by a factor of 0.5 to improve plot clarity. a Detail of the image tracheole2 from which the networks were extracted. b No pruning (p=0), surplus branches are visible. c Too much pruning (p=50), information is lost. d Adequate choice of p=3, surplus branches are gone, genuine information is preserved. e Only junctions and tips are preserved - poor approximation of the geometry (r=0). f Half of the redundant nodes are preserved: fair approximation of the geometry (r=1). g All redundant nodes are preserved - good approximation of the geometry (r=2)

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