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Table 3 Parameters that may be changed through the GUI

From: BatTool: an R package with GUI for assessing the effect of White-nose syndrome and other take events on Myotis spp. of bats

Tab Parameter name Parameter table
Lambda Area of study Hibernacula table
Lambda Lower lambda Hibernacula table
Lambda Upper lambda Hibernacula table
Critical parameter Intervals (All model inputs) Lambda table
Female take Take Hibernacula table
Female take Begin Year Hibernacula table
Female take Duration Hibernacula table
WNS Scenario WN infection table
WNS Infection Probability WN infection table
WNS Year of Infection WN infection table
Other parameters Starting Adult proportion NA
Other parameters Level of environmental stochasticity NA
Other parameters Demographic stochasticity NA
Graphing and results options Color NA
Graphing and results options Add to existing plot NA
Graphing and results options Add (credible intervals) results options NA
Graphing and % credible intervals NA
Graphing and results options Graph/Results title: Hibernacula table
NA Number of years to simulate NA
NA Number of simulations to run NA
NA Results folder name NA
NA Restore defaults NA
  1. The default values for some parameters are loaded from parameter tables (Table 2). The Critical Parameter tab does not contain any user editable data and is provided as a summary. The take parameters (take, begin year, and duration) may be changed for each season.