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Figure 1

From: Gbrowse Moby: a Web-based browser for BioMoby Services

Figure 1

The Search Result Screen (A) and the Invocation Result Screen (B) of the Gbrowse Moby Web Service Browser. (A) shows two services discovered using the search parameters: Namespace = "DragonDB_Allele", Identifier = "cho". The latter of these, getDragonSimpleAnnotatedImages provided by, has been executed, with the results shown in panel (B). The rendering in (B) comes from a combination of two automatically selected renderers in response to the unknown data-type "SimpleAnnotatedJPEGImage"; one was capable of rendering JPEG Images, and the other capable of rendering free-text. Note also the clickable cross-reference to the DragonDB_Gene CHO in panel (B) that will initiate a new Gbrowse_Moby browsing session primed with that new piece of cross-referencing information provided by the Service.

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