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Fig. 1

From: iPBAvizu: a PyMOL plugin for an efficient 3D protein structure superimposition approach

Fig. 1

Example of iPBAvizu usage. (a) Two proteins, with lengths of 531 and 533 residues respectively are loaded into PyMOL (PDB code: 3GWD and 1W4X respectively); the structural superimposition is made using iPBAvizu. Arrows show the position of Amino acid and Protein Block sequence. This independent window contains the sequence alignment in terms of residues and PBs with different scores. It allows an interactive selection between the sequences and the structures. In the right panel are shown the two loaded proteins, then the two superimposed chains (the prefix iPBA_ is added before their names) and finally a select case, this last is not necessary but for some PyMOL versions must be shown (please do not interact with it without necessity). (b) and (c) show the selection of a protein fragment and rendering when a specific color is chosen

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