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Table 1 Characteristics of selected compression

From: MZPAQ: a FASTQ data compression tool

  Input C-ratio Speed Memory Techniques
gzip General ASCII Moderate High Low LZ77 and Huffman coding
bzip2 General ASCII Moderate High Low BWT and Huffman coding
LZMA General ASCII Moderate Low High Lempel-Ziv Markov chain and LZ77
Deliminate FASTA High High Low Delta encoding with Lempel-Ziv
MFCompress FASTA High Moderate High Finite Contexts Models
Leon FASTQ High High Moderate De Bruijn graph and Order-0 Arithmetic coding
Slimfast FASTQ High High Moderate Delta encoding, Arithmetic coding, and Context Models
SCALCE FASTQ High High High Reordering, gzip, bzip2 and Order-3 Arithmetic coding
LFQC FASTQ High Low High PAQ compressors