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Fig. 4

From: eUTOPIA: solUTion for Omics data PreprocessIng and Analysis

Fig. 4

Identification of known batches. The prince plot (a) reports the association between the first ten principal components of the data and the annotation variables, principal components are represented in columns, and the sample annotations are represented in rows. The association p-value is represented in the cells by text labels, and background color in a chromatic scale. The row label underlined with solid blue line represents the variable of interest. The row labels underlined with dotted purple line represent other sources of high variation. The confounding plot (b) reports the association between all pairs of annotation variables; annotation variables are represented in both rows and columns. The cell text labels, cell background color, and row label notation with solid blue underline are same as the prince plot (a). The row labels underlined with squiggly green line represent the variables confounded with the variable of interest or other batch variables. The row labels circled by red outline are batch variables suitable for correction

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