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Fig. 1

From: eUTOPIA: solUTion for Omics data PreprocessIng and Analysis

Fig. 1

eUTOPIA workflow. Schematic representation of eUTOPIA’s guided workflow. The steps are represented by the rectangular box with sharp edges, and the step output is represented by the rectangular box with rounded edges. Analytical steps are numerically coded by circular labels from 1 through 8; an additional step labeled as ‘#’ is a reporting step with no specific order in the workflow. The labeled steps correspond to the steps of the analysis workflow in the eUTOPIA graphical user interface. The flexibility of defining alternate approaches for batch correction is captured in the workflow with the labeled steps 6a, and 6b that represent the subsections of BATCH CORRECTION step in the eUTOPIA analysis pipeline (Additional file 1). This workflow is adjusted according to the chosen data platform

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