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Table 2 Processing speed for different types of networks with node numbers in the range 102−106

From: NET: a new framework for the vectorization and examination of network data

Image N Time [ s]
Tracheole7 1.9·103 2.5·10−1
Bubbles1 4.7·103 1.6·100
Tracheole3 6.1·103 6.6·10−1
Cracks2 8.7·104 1.3·101
Leaf2 1.3·105 2.7·101
Leaf3 1.1·106 1.8·102
  1. Processing speed appears to scale linearly with number of nodes as soon as I/O overhead can be neglected in comparison to the time spent executing the processing algorithms. All graphs were processed with parameters p=3, r=2, v=T r u e