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Table 1 Comparison of node number N, network length L, mean edge weight \(\bar {R}\), ratio of smallest to largest weight r=min(R)/max(R) and pixel-wise difference D of the plotted networks

From: NET: a new framework for the vectorization and examination of network data

σ N σ L \(\sigma _{\bar {R}}\) σ r D
9.0±8.6% 2.6±4.6% 25.6±10.0% 24.1±20.1% 0.1±0.1%
  1. For each value, the respective observable was calculated in the known and the re-extracted network and the absolute difference normalized by the value in the known network was calculated. The errors σ N , σ L , \(\sigma _{\bar {R}}\), σ r and D shown in the table are the mean error and its standard deviation for 389 automatically extracted and re-extracted networks by NET from images of Drosophila tracheoles. Error distributions are heavily skewed towards small values, errors cannot be negative