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Fig. 1

From: NET: a new framework for the vectorization and examination of network data

Fig. 1

Unprocessed images and vectorized network. The figure names used here refer to the file names of the images in the online repository. a and b Networks extracted from images tracheole3 and tracheole4. Unprocessed images courtesy of Sara Sigurbjörnsdottir, Leptin Lab, EMBL Heidelberg. c and d Leaf venation patterns extracted from image leaf2 and leaf3. Unprocessed image courtesy of Douglas Daly, New York Botanical Garden e Droplets on a fiber extracted from image bubbles1. Unprocessed image courtesy of Marcin Makowski, MPIDS, Göttingen. f Crack pattern in clay extracted from image cracks2. Unprocessed image courtesy of Pawan Nandakishore, MPIDS, Göttingen. For leaf3 only a detail is shown because the leaf as a whole is too large for plotting. The images show how NET is able to extract the network’s geometry including vertex coordinates and edge trajectories in great detail. Vertices and endpoints of the networks, as indicated by yellow dots, as well as edge radii are extracted by the tool

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