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Fig. 3

From: Algorithm and software to automatically identify latency and amplitude features of local field potentials recorded in electrophysiological investigation

Fig. 3

The software GUI. In panels a and b, GUI that acquires the experimental parameters from the user. In panel c, plot of the results reported also in Fig. 2. In panel d, user's choice to plot all the results. In panel e, example of the .xls file generated as output (in each column, there are respectively latency and amplitude of the first maximum (tmax, Amax), of the onset (tonset, Aonset), and of the negative peak (tpeak, Apeak) and, value of the first time-derivative of the inflection point). In panel f, example of the respective .mat file (the struct indexes contains the estimates of the first maximum, the inflection point and, the negative peak, the struct indexes2 the estimates of the inflection point and of its first-time derivative value and, finally, the struct signal contains the smooth LFP and its time-derivatives)

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