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Table 2 FPs characteristics of the laboratories testing MOtoNMS

From: MOtoNMS: A MATLAB toolbox to process motion data for neuromusculoskeletal modeling and simulation

Institution Num Brand and Model Type Sizes (mm) Position along the walkway
UNIPD 2 Bertec 1 400×600
   4060-08-1000   400×600  
UMG 2 Bertec 4 400×600
   4060-07-1000   400×600  
GU 2 Kistler 9287B 2 900×600
UWA 2 AMTI BP12001200 2 1200×1200
   Kistler 9281C   400×600  
  1. Different FP types require different procedures for plate moments and CoP computation. Force platform of type 3 is not available in the laboratories, but it is implemented in the toolbox and it has been tested by another institution