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Fig. 3

From: MOtoNMS: A MATLAB toolbox to process motion data for neuromusculoskeletal modeling and simulation

Fig. 3

Data Folders Organization. Folders in black store input data. The picture presents the structure suggested by MOtoNMS authors: a folder for each subject that includes a set of directories, each one for a different acquisition session. All subjects must be grouped in a InputData folder. Red files are the configuration files, while green folders are for the output generated by the toolbox. These folders are automatically created and mirror the structure of the InputData folder. MOtoNMS reads C3D files and saves the extracted data in the sessionData subfolder. staticElaborations and dynamicElaborations subfolders include the output respectively of the Static Trials Elaboration and the Dynamic Trials Elaboration blocks. Finally, the results of multiple executions of these two parts, with different configurations for the same input data, are stored in different subfolders, each one named with an identifier chosen by the user through the graphical interface

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