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Fig. 4

From: TRX-LOGOS - a graphical tool to demonstrate DNA information content dependent upon backbone dynamics in addition to base sequence

Fig. 4

TRX-logos plots comparing non-coding and coding regions for all 4222 S. cerevisiae genes in Kellis et al. [39]. a The comparison of all genes relative to the start codon indicates a genome-wide persistence in information content at phosphate linkages in coding region in the absence of single site sequence similarity (downward vertical arrows in the right-hand inset mark a 3 bp periodicity). This persistent information does not appear in non-coding regions where bar and letter heights are quite similar. b Comparison of information content across all codons compared to flanking triplets of randomly generated DNA also shows a persistent trend where phosphate linkages internal to codons contain slightly more information than random DNA. The phosphate linkages external to codons (i.e. joining adjacent codons) are no more informative than random DNA. c Comparison of information content across all codons as in (b) but using bootstrap ANOVA for 100 random sets of 10 genes each

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