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Figure 1

From: Membrainy: a ‘smart’, unified membrane analysis tool

Figure 1

Annular shell order parameters. The order parameters of saturated lipid tails from an annular shell analysis of MinD-MTS, an amphipathic helical peptide inserted into a POPE/POPG (3:1) double bilayer at 300K. The shell order parameters are shown in black, along with two control groups: the red plot uses the option built into Membrainy to ignore all gel lipids, which produces a more accurate control group for this peptide as it resides in a fluid region of the bilayer; and the blue plot contains both gel and fluid lipids. The differences between the black and red plots indicate the presence of splayed lipid tails in the annular shell, whereas the blue plot is sampling the wrong phase of lipids and provides an inaccurate comparison to the lipids within the annular shell.

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