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Figure 6

From: BatTool: an R package with GUI for assessing the effect of White-nose syndrome and other take events on Myotis spp. of bats

Figure 6

Example GUI output figure. The results from two scenarios are shown. Scenario 2 (in gray) experienced effects of WNS whereas Scenario 1 (in black) did not. The solid lines are the mean outputs and the dashed lines are the 95% credible intervals. Dots are the observed data. The model had the default annual female bats taken for hibernacula 998. The four dashed horizontal lines represent different population thresholds. The line at zero represents extinction. The line at 10,000 bats represents a the highest-priority size for hibernacula from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the line at 2,000 bats represents the second-highest priority hibernacula size, and the line at 500 bats represents the third group of hibernacula.

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