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Figure 14

From: CellSegm - a MATLAB toolbox for high-throughput 3D cell segmentation

Figure 14

A batch processing of two data sets from two experimental conditions, as described in Example 12. The data is visualized for plane seven. A1-A4) Data set one and two in the two conditions. B1-B4) Segmentation using CELLSEGM. C1-C4) Segmentation using CELLPROFILER. For the strongly stained cells, CELLPROFILER provides a larger segmentation than CELLSEGM. For the weakly stained cells, CELLPROFILER is missing large cell fractions compared to CELLSEGM, probably due to uneven illumination. However, a correction of the uneven illumination pattern uneven did not improve the results (data not shown). For visualization, the objects segmented in CELLPROFILER where eroded by one voxel to highlight the contours.

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