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Figure 2

From: WordCloud: a Cytoscape plugin to create a visual semantic summary of networks

Figure 2

Application of WordCloud to gene-set enrichment analysis results. The transcriptional response of breast cancer cells to estrogen treatment was analyzed for gene-set enrichment, as described in [11]. Gene-sets were then arranged as a network using the Enrichment Map visualization technique [11]; edges represent gene-set overlap and clusters correspond to functional groups. A sub-network (A) was selected and analyzed using the WordCloud network layout (B). The most frequent words in gene-set names are "Mitotic Cell Cycle", "DNA Replication", "Ubiquitin Ligase Activity/Regulation", "Chromosome", "Microtubule"; this suggests that the sub-network consists of gene-sets involved in the control of cell proliferation. Specific parts of the sub-network (purple circles) relate to specific functional groups, as suggested by clustered word clouds (C,D).

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