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Figure 1

From: WordCloud: a Cytoscape plugin to create a visual semantic summary of networks

Figure 1

Tag cloud for a protein interaction cluster. The network consists of physical interactions between S. cerevisiae proteins involved in DNA replication (A). A group of highly inter-connected proteins was selected (blue circle) and their full names were mined using WordCloud. The results are shown for the three layouts: network (B), simple (C) and clustered (D). "Origin recognition complex component" and "Minichromosome maintenance complex component" are the dominating themes. The corresponding words are ranked on top in the simple cloud layout, but only the clustered and network layout reconstruct the correct connections between them, based on word co-occurrence patterns. Since clustering is non-overlapping, the words "complex" and "component" are forced to appear only in one cluster (with "minichrosome maintenance"), whereas the network layout displays association to "origin recognition" as well.

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