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Table 1 Motmot components

From: Motmot, an open-source toolkit for realtime video acquisition and analysis

High-level GUI Application  
motmot.fview Application with plugin architecture to enable writing new realtime analyses by creating one's own process_frame() function.
Core camera infrastructure  
libcamiface Camera interface C API
motmot.cam_iface Python wrapper of libcamiface
CamTrig Firmware for the a USB device for precise temporal synchronization and analog input
Core display infrastructure  
motmot.wxglvideo wxPython OpenGL interface for video
pygarrayimage Transfer Python objects supporting the array interface to OpenGL textures
motmot.wxvideo wxPython interface for video
motmot.imops Python extension module to manipulate image codings
Analysis infrastructure  
motmot.FastImage Pyrex based wrapper of Intel's Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) or AMD Framewave Library
motmot.FlyMovieFormat Code for manipulating .fmf movies. Includes Python (read/write) and MATLAB® (read-only) bindings.
motmot.realtime_image_analysis Implements background subtraction and 2D feature extraction using FastImage
FView plugins  
motmot.fview_ext_trig software for the CamTrig USB Device
motmot.flytrax FView plugin for tracking 2D points in realtime and saving data and small images. (Used in [68].)
motmot.fview_PLUGIN_TEMPLATE blank fview plugin to use as template for new plugins
motmot.fview_c_callback example fview plugin that calls pure C code
motmot.fview_live_histogram example fview plugin that calls pure Python code
motmot.trackem multiple point realtime tracker (used in [12])
  1. Motmot consists of several modular components. Brief descriptions are given here, and the relationships between the components are shown in Figure 1.