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Table 1 Standards and Specifications Used by the MERG Tool

From: The MERG Suite: Tools for discovering competencies and associated learning resources

Advanced Distributed Learning – Sharable Content Object Reference Model (ADL SCORM) [25] A suite of standards and specifications for online education that enables interoperability of learning content across learning management systems.
MedBiquitous Healthcare Learning Object Metadata (Healthcare LOM) [26] Extends the IEEE LOM standard and provides a format for describing healthcare learning resources including images and e-learning activities.
IEEE Reusable Competency Definition (RCD) [27] Provides a data model for describing and exchanging competency definitions.
Simple Reusable Competency Map [28] An IEEE proposed draft prepared by Claude Ostyn that aggregates and defines relationships among competencies.
Competency Associations [29] A research specification developed by MedBiquitous that enables educators to create associations between content and competencies.