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Table 1 Functional categories of proteins whose genes are regulated by FlhD/FlhC

From: BISON: bio-interface for the semi-global analysis of network patterns

Regulator gene1 HMM of the regulator2 Regulated genes3 HMM of regulated proteins4
Flagellar proteins    
flhD flhd flgB, flgC, flgE, fleF, flgG flg_bb_rod
flhD flhd tar, tsr, tap, trg, aer mcpsignal
Anaerobic metabolism    
flhD flhd dmsA, ynfE, ynfF, napA, narG, narZ molydopterin_oxidoreductase, molydop_binding, molybdopterin
Transport proteins    
flhD flhd nagE, frvB, treB, murP, mngA, chbC, malX, fruA, ptsG pts_eiic
flhD flhd rbsA, oppD, nikD, fepC, proV, nikE, btuD, uup, metN, thiQ, phnK, msbA, fhuC, mglA, ybhF, dppD abc_trans
Transcriptional regulators    
flhD flhd cynR, dsdC, xapR, tdcA, ydcI, ybbS, nhaR, argP, yeeV lysr_substrate, hth_1
  1. 1The gene 'flhD'.
  2. 2HMM for FlhD.
  3. 3Genes that are regulated by FlhD/FlhC are taken from the 'Gene 1' column in BISON that is associated with a selection of the property combinations in the 'Descriptors' column.
  4. 4HMMs for the regulated proteins are taken from the 'Descriptors' column in BISON.