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Table 1 Navigation toolbar. Functions for each of the menu items found on the DADOS-Prospective navigation toolbar.

From: DADOS-Prospective: an open source application for Web-based prospective data collection

Home Return to the list of all existing projects to which user is allowed access
Study: (name of study) View a list of all subjects enrolled in the selected study, or search for subjects enrolled in the selected study by "Name," "MRN," or "DOS."
Modify Encounters Create/modify encounters and their associated baseline and CRFs
Add/Update Subject Enroll a new or an existing subject into the selected study, or delete a subject from the study. Add new subjects to the database without enrolling them into the selected study, or delete them from the database.
Source Documentation Add/upload or delete any reference documentations pertinent to the study (i.e. rating scales, codes)
Add/Update Interviewer Add to or delete from the study personnel with data entry access only.
Regulatory File Upload or delete regulatory files related to the study
Data Extraction Download the study's data in Excel spreadsheet format
New User Add new users who may access the study as a coordinator or interviewer